Learn Ruby on Rails

We’re going to work on a real app, because a practical example speaks more than theoretical tutorials.

And we’re going to do it the way we make real software

The only “theory” we’ll do is the discussion that will come about as we build features. At the end of it, you’ll be ready to work as a rails developer in a consultancy, or your own startup.

We’ll assume knowledge. Lots of it.

Outline (in progress)

Week 1: Lesson 1.

The application, on the whiteboard. User stories. Github, CircleCI and the staging environment.

Week 1: Lesson 2.

TDD. Pull requests. Code coverage. The main page of the app. CRUD on some resource which is displayed.

Week 2: Lesson 3.

The API.

Week 2: Lesson 4.

More API.

Week 3: Lesson 5.

OO design. We make inboxes.

Week 3: Lesson 6.

A background worker sends an email. Another sends an SMS.

Week 4: Lesson 7.

The front page, rendered client-side. We consume the API we made.

Week 4: Lesson 8.

Real-time. Pusher.

Week 5: Lesson 9.

Making it look good. SCSS with Rowan.

Week 5: Lesson 10.

Making it go faster. Caching.

Week 6: Lesson 11&12.

Student’s choice. What else do you need to know?